I'm not very fit, will it be too difficult for me?

One of the many benefits of our classes is that all routines are taught in short sections first so you get some proper teaching rather than having to already know the choreography or try and copy the instructor. This means that lots of modifications can be offered throughout to simplify or intensify your workout. Our instructors are very encouraging and supportive and will have you dancing in no time!

What kind of clothing should I wear and do I need any equipment?

We recommend that you wear something comfortable that you can move in. Bear in mind you will get warm, so wearing an extra layer you can take off if needed might be a good idea. Trainers or pumps are ideal for our classes. You won't need any special equipment for DANCE ROULETTE such as weights or bands.

I don't have much space at home for virtual classes, will I still be able to take part?

Working out productively and successfully at home can be achieved even with limited space. Virtual class routines have been carefuly adapted to suit a small space whilst still being effective. As long as you can take a couple of steps in each direction and the area is safe ( pet free, freestanding objects such as lamps moved out of reach, floor area checked as clear) your workout can be just as enjoyable as being in a hall or studio. Don't forget being at home is convenient too - no rushing around in your car or arranging child/pet care!

I'm not a dancer! I don't think I will be able to keep up.

Some of our members have had little or no dance training or experience, ever! Our instructors will motivate and encourage you and are very discreet at suggesting modifications for anything you find tricky. After only a few sessions you will be amazed at how well you can pick up and perform the movements and you will feel the improvement in your co-ordination and rhythm. Muscle memory is a wonderful thing and you will soon feel and look like a dancer!

I have underlying health issues. Is this class for me?

Our advice is to always check with a doctor first before starting any new fitness workout regime, just to make sure you are safe and it is right for you. We kindly ask all members to let us know of any health concerns and sign the class Participation Disclaimer before booking a class. If you wish to go ahead and join, we can ensure that any exercises or movements are adjusted to suit your requirements.

Is there any floorwork involved?

With our virtual classes we do not include any floorwork. This is purely down to the fact we can't see you all well enough on the floor to correct or support the exercises being performed, safely. Many of our exercises include core work even when in a standing position and your instructor will advise you of how and when to do this to get the most out of your workout.